Guiding Philosophy

Professionalism and dedication to all assignments undertaken coupled with a continuous striving for the highest standard in design and project delivery continue to be BEP's guiding philosophy.

With a proven track record spanning almost a 100 years, together with key principals having inherited the high level of professionalism practiced over the years, BEP's portfolio of clients continue to expand. Coupled with a large proportion of continuing clients, the firm ensures reliable and continuous service to all its clients.

In addition, BEP recognizes the value of innovative design approaches which are compatible with Malaysia's environment and culture, and endeavours to follow this trend but moderated with sound constructional principles to ensure long-term durability and reliability of all projects undertaken. The firm deliberately refrains from the fad culture, believing this to be inappropriate and not in the clients' bets interests. However, new planning and design principles are constantly explored and adopted in gradual stages, and having proven their value to clients, establishes new benchmarks for many others in the industry to follow and emulate.


BEP Perancang Sdn Bhd
Urban and Regional Planners and Project Coordinators
- a sister company of BEP Akitek Sdn Bhd, founded to provide professional consultancy services and to complement the professional consultancy services of BEP Akitek

BEP Landscape Sdn Bhd
Landscape Design Consultancy Services

BEP BinaKonsult Sdn Bhd
Project Consultancy and Management Services

Limited Editions (M) Sdn Bhd
Project Management and Cost Consultants
- as an independent entity, this company provides services to further support and complement the role of the Architects in implementing projects.


The collective talents and expertise of the firm's personnel is tapped through the application of a team approach through all phases of design and production delivery.


1920 - Booty & Edwards
Chartered Architects and Surveyors
Offices in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

1956 - Booty, Edwards & Partners
Chartered Architects
Formed with the admission of Partners.
Offices in Malaya, Singapore and Brunei

1957 - BEP Akitek
(Successors to Booty, Edwards & Partners)
In preparation for Malayanisation

1969 - BEP Akitek Sdn
Architects, Planners and Project Managers
First firm of Architects to be incorporated in Malaysia with approval of the Board of Architects Malaya and done to ensure corporate continuity

1987 - BEP Akitek Sdn Bhd
Architects, Planners and Project Managers
Change of corporate status only with other aspects and management continuing unchanged


Kam Pak Cheong B.Arch (Melb) APAM, ARIBA, FRAIA

Ho Wai Ping AA. Dipl., M.Sc (Strathclyde) APAM, ARIBA, FPPM, MRTPI

Ali Mohd. Yusoff B.Arch Hons (UNSW) APAM

Johan Abdul Samad Dip. Arch (Portsmouth) APAM

James Pan Kok Chin B.Arch (Liverpool) APAM

Lim Shiew Fern B.Arch Hons (Melb) APAM

Teh Beng Siang B.ARch (UNSW)

Kam Kah Zen B.Arch Hons (Melb) B.Land.Arch (Melb)